How To Join Oriflame Sri Lanka ?

Do you need to purchase ORIFLAME products for you or to start as a business ?

How To Join Oriflame Sri Lanka

If you are a Sri Lankan over 18 years old with valid NIC / Passport or Driving Licence you can Join Oriflame Sri Lanka by filling this form . By joining you can get 23% discount for the products that you purchase and also you can start your own branded cosmetics business. Watch the following video for more details

If you need further details and get best instruction please call 077-565-2276 or 075-922-2276

2. How much does it cost to join

Registration is almost free.

If you need Consultant Hand Book you need to purchase that by doing the payment of LKR 299/-.

3. What are the join in benefits Oriflame Sri Lanka

You can get your own products at 23% discount and sell at a catalogue price and get the immediate profit. Or you build your own network and get the commission.  For more info please call 077-565-2276

How To Join Oriflame Sri Lanka