Why Your Business Need Digital Catalogue?

Time to change your print catalogue into a digital catalogue with Catalogue.lk digital catalogues. Then, let us help you unlock the true power of your digital catalogue. Be a leading retailers and start using digital catalogues and publish your digital catalogue to your own website using Universal Catalogue.

Reach new audiences on Sri Lankan top catalogue aggregator, Catalogue.lk. Track catalogue engagement and use insights to make smarter decisions online and in-store. Catalogue.lk digital catalogue solutions have everything you need to supercharge your sales.


  • Tap into a suite of tools to amplify your catalogue readership. Re-target visitors to your catalogue using ads on Facebook and the Google Display Network. Share catalogue offers on social media, and promote offers to engaged catalogue readers using display ads and homepage ads during key retail periods. Catalogue.lk lets you do all this and much more.



  • Reach a huge audience of shoppers who are ready to buy. Turn your website visitors into customers by publishing your online shopping catalogue on your site using Universal Catalogue. Even better, get your catalogue in front of 10,000+ visitors every month by hosting it on Sri Lankan leading online catalogue site, Catalogue.lk

  • Delve into real-time analytics from your online shopping catalogues. See how readers are interacting with the digital catalogue on Universal Catalogue and Lasoo, and know how your products are performing. Use these insights to optimise your marketing campaign, manage stock levels and refine future catalogues for the best results.


Create a Digital Catalogue and Sell More

Unlock the true power of digital catalogues. UpswingSmart provides the digital catalogue solutions designed to help you reach more customers, grow your sales, and maximise ROI. From interactive online catalogue features and data insights to a highly engaged audience ready to shop – we’ve got you covered.

UpswingSmart can turn your print catalogue into a digital catalogue that makes the shopping experience faster and easier for your customers. With our digital catalogue converter, your PDF catalogue is transformed into an interactive, responsive digital catalogue that engages readers and drives sales.


Turn website visitors into customers by hosting your online shopping catalogue on your site using Universal Catalogue. Discover a whole host of features designed to create deeper engagement with shoppers, like embedded videos, social sharing and store locaters. Let your customers search and browse your products on any device.


Find new audiences by hosting your digital catalogue on Sri Lankan top online catalogue aggregator, Catalogue.lk. UpswingSmart catalogue aggregator platform gives you the power to get in front of 10000+ visitors per month. Grow your bottom line with Catalogue.LK tools designed to amplify your reach, like re-targeting ads, newsletter, on-site ads, dynamic video ads and more.


you can see how customers are engaging with your online shopping catalogue in real-time.


Share intelligence with your stores, too. Discover the top performing items in the catalogue that generate the most interest. Then, use the learning to refine your stock and product training to optimise sales opportunities. With UpswingSmart product catalogue software, the data is ready and waiting for you.


The Benefits

Universal Catalogue

Catalogue.lk can transform your print catalogue into a digital catalogue which can be embedded into any website. Plus, it comes complete with smart features to engage your readers and optimise conversions. Provide extended information for readers to see when they hover over products. Create an interactive experience with visual content, such as embedded videos.


Online Catalogue Aggregator

Get in front of ready and engaged shoppers. Create an online shopping catalogue and host it on Sri Lankan top online catalogue aggregator,Catalogue.LK. Reach more than 10,000 engaged visitors each month. Use geolocation targeting to make sure the right audience sees the right catalogue offers.


Amplifying Tools

Grow your bottom line with Catalogue.lk suite of tools designed to amplify your reach. Re-target catalogue users on Facebook and the Google Display Network, and go straight into shoppers’ inboxes with Catalogue.lk weekly newsletters. Get noticed by engaged catalogue shoppers during key retail periods using homepage ads and display ads. With all these tools and more, Catalogue.LK gives you the power to reach a wider audience and grow your bottom line.

Reach the Unreachables

Get your catalogue in front of those you can’t reach. With targeted Facebook ads, Catalogue.LK helps you reach shoppers whose household addresses are unreachable or outside the delivery area of your print catalogues.


Social Sharing

Tap into a powerful form of word-of-mouth advertising. Let your customers share your catalogue offers with their social networks. Universal Catalogue makes it easy to share whole catalogues – whatever your customers are excited about. The potential to grow your sales is huge.


Optimise Future Campaigns

Delve into real-time analytics to understand how readers interact with your catalogue, what they are clicking on, what they buy, and where you lose them. Apply these learnings to your future catalogue campaigns. Find out the best positions to sell to your top suppliers, and compare different catalogues for the best results. Use your digital catalogue as a testing ground to get your designs and offers right for print catalogues.


Smarter Merchandising

Use insights from your online product catalogue to drive smarter merchandising. Track in real-time how your readers are engaging with your products listed in your catalogue. Brief your merchandising, design and pricing teams so they can make real-time decisions about how to improve your customer offering. Share intelligence with your stores and let them use learnings to refine stock levels, store offers and product training to be ready for busy periods and optimise sales opportunities.

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